Prudence Theriault

"Certified Tarot Master/Instructor and Certified Hypnotherapist"


Prudence received her Hypnosis training from Future Shaping Technologies, Inc. and was certified by both Future Shaping Technologies, Inc. and the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1996. Prudence is available to help you make the changes in your life that you desire.

Hypnosis had been practiced since the dawn of civilization. Its long history is evidence of its power and utility. You may have thought of hypnosis as a mysterious activity. Actually, hypnosis as it is used today is quite understandable, and may even seem familiar.


Hypnosis is the practice of entering a deeply relaxed state, where one is neither asleep nor fully awake. We routinely enter this state when we are fully involved in an activity, like watching television or reading, when we are unwinding from a busy day or just "daydreaming". In hypnosis, we learn to enter that state with intention, for the purpose of personal change.


While television and film often show hypnotic subjects under the complete influence of a hypnotist, real hypnosis does not involve that kind of control. Entering hypnosis requires cooperation. No one can be forced into hypnosis, nor can be made to do anything against their will. At any time, a person can bring himself or herself out of hypnosis. The Hypnotherapist's job is to guide the hypnotic experience, making full use of unconscious resources, toward the desired goal.


In a waking state, the conscious mind rules our experience. It makes use of logic, thinks things through and makes judgments about what is possible. In hypnosis the conscious minds recedes, Allowing the unconscious mind to take over. The unconscious mind thinks with pictures and images. It can create very vivid imaginary experiences. The unconscious mind is free to consider any experience, which would be resisted by the judgments of the conscious mind. Hypnosis uses the freedom and creativity of the unconscious mind to bring about desired changes. Suppose one desired to quite smoking, yet, they believe going without cigarettes to be a painful experience. By entering hypnosis, one can create a vivid experience of being a nonsmoker that is pleasurable with emphasis on the positive benefits. By changing their internal experience, they can begin to image their life without cigarettes. Thousands of people have become nonsmokers through the use of hypnotherapy.

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