Prudence Theriault

"Certified Tarot Master/Instructor and Certified Hypnotherapist"

Prudence at the Tower


Psychometry is a form of a psychic reading using a metal object (jewelry) or from a photo. This is the first type of reading I learned to do back in 1994. I was taking a class in "Psychic Awareness" And we would practice Psychometry every time the class met. Psychometry is a Greek word meaning measure of the soul. If you break it down you will see what I mean, Psycho Metry. For this reading I will hold your jewelry or photo, then different images, messages, will come to me. I see a movie in my head. The information may be about things that are going on in your life presently, upcoming influences or past influences. Usually the information comes out in a symbolic form that will need to be interpreted by you.

A Psychometry reading can be combined with your Tarot card reading.

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