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Prudence - Relaxation Music


I use relaxation music in my Hypnotherapy practice and my Tarot sessions. I also use it when I am teaching classes. I truly believe in the healing powers of music and the positive effect on the human being. Here is the music I use:

  • SILA - Dr. Joan Borysenko used Sila as the sound track for "Relaxing Through the Seasons". Sila follows the guidelines of the latest scientific research concerned with the effects of music on the human being. Sila is guitar, cello and beautiful nature sounds. Turn on this CD when you are stressed and in a few minutes you'll forget why you turned it on in the first place.

  • RELAXATION & RECOVERY - Is featured in Audio Vision's stress management catalog for health educators, corporate trainers and wellness professionals. Relaxing music designed to assist patients in the recovery process. Very soothing.

  • ACOUSTIC INSPIRATION - Chris Theriault and Rich Hommel used vintage acoustic guitars on this recording. Inspired by weekly hikes in a nearby bird sanctuary this CD is flowing and elegant. Audio Visions, Inc. commissioned Acoustic Inspiration. This music will leave you feeling both relaxed and inspired. Wonderful music for stress reduction.

  • JELLIES - Commissioned by the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA. This wonderful soundtrack takes you on a journey to the depths of the sea. Using guitar, synthesizers and piano, an amazing ambient feeling is created. Jellies is very popular for use in the Healing Arts.

  • POND LIFE- Composed for the New England aquariums POND LIFE exhibit. This soundtrack includes all the beautiful natural sounds you would hear in nature associated with a pond. Sound textures were created by combining acoustic instruments, orchestral, electronic and environmental sounds. Pond Life can be used for relaxation sessions.

  • COSTAL RHYTHMS- Chris Theriault's third soundtrack for the New England Aquarium blends the sounds of the gentle rolling surf and the calls of sea gulls. It gives you a feeling of a trip to Nantucket or the San Francisco Bay. Can be used for relaxation in therapy sessions or personal use.

  • SEASONS OF LIFE - Upbeat acoustic guitar with a blend of cello, piano, bass, synthesizers and soprano sax. Few musicians have the ability to take energy and rhythm and shape it into pure uplifting sound, indeed a celebration of life!

  • SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAYS - Elegant classical arrangements with Chris Theriault on guitar, Robin Spielberg on piano and Byron Duckwall on cello. Produced by Steven Miller, know for his work with George Winston. Spirit of The Holidays has sold over 300,000 copies. Makes a great gift for the holiday season.

Massage therapists, yoga instructors, schoolteachers and Moms (to help calm the kids down) have also used this healing music. CD - $15.00 Cassettes - $10.00 There is also a shipping and handling fee. To order: please email me at:

If you want additional information, you can email Prudence at:

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