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Prudence Theriault

"Certified Tarot Master/Instructor and Certified Hypnotherapist"


Prudence is certified by the Tarot Certification Board and is a member of the American Tarot Association. She has been studying the Tarot since 1995. All readings are personal and confidential. Prudence uses The Mythic Tarot for most readings and also The Lover's Tarot for special relationship questions.

Prudence has also done Tarot Card readings at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts from 1998 to 2008 and has many repeat clients.

When you have a Tarot carding you want to be open to the information you are about to receive. You might want to have in mind a question or situation you would like to receive guidance about. Please feel free to ask questions or make comments during your reading. When the reading is complete it will tell an interesting story about your life, past influences, present views and upcoming influences. Tarot card readings are generally thirty minutes. Hour readings can be scheduled also. If you wish to get more in depth in a special area we can draw additional cards, time permitting.

Prudence is available for readings at her office in person and over the phone and also for guests at Canyon Ranch. She can also be scheduled for special events.


  • "Your sharp clairvoyance has helped me solve many problems" - Theresa 10/9/98
  • "I found Prudence to be warm and friendly, insightful and, moreover very accurate" - David 10/23/98
  • "At my reading, I found that your interpretation of the cards accurately reflected my current life circumstances and issues" - Don 11/10/98
  • "You were there at exactly the moment when I most needed strength" - Julie 1/5/99
  • "I strongly recommend Prudence as a Tarot and Psychometry Reader" - Lee 10/8/98
  • "Thanks you so much for everything. I look forward to my next monthly Tarot reading with you!" - Patricia 2/29/00
  • "I really enjoyed the reading you did for me. It was very insightful. I now have a better understanding of the art of the Tarot" - Heather 7/24/00
  • "Thanks so much for being so flexible with all my friends and guests. I really appreciate you staying so late and look forward to seeing you again soon" - Jennifer 10/14/00
  • "I was very impressed with my last Tarot reading from Prudence. At the time of the reading she had no knowledge of what was currently going on in my life. Her insight proved very helpful"- Lisa 5/27/00
  • "Thanks for being wonderful" - Judith 6/04
  • "A couple of students came up to me after the even and said they loved you. I feel they were very impressed. Looking forward to working with you in April" - Mike 3/9/05
  • "One session with you was better then months of therapy. I would love to meet with you again. You have a true gift" -Harriet 6/28/05
  • "Thanks for your insightful Tarot Reading Skills." - Sally K - 2009
  • "Check out Tarot Fox - Readings by Prudence and Prudendce J.M. Theriault . Prudence is a Pro. Take a leap of faith and visit" Kim L 2012
  • "You're so good at what you do!" P.A. 2012

If you want additional information, you can email Prudence at:

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