What is my philosophy about tarot reading?

Tarot is a tool for guidance and insight into your life. I feel a reading can help you see issues from a different perspective and perhaps then approach things differently for a better outcome. I became a reader to help others. I didn't really know that when I started but now I see it clearly. 

How to get the most out of a reading with me.

I ask that when you book a session you are open to the information/messages that you will receive. This information may or may not make sense at the time of your reading but don't worry. All information/messages will fall into place eventually. Come with an open mind, leave with plenty of information and insight. Remember, this is your reading. We will be focusing on you and the help you need.  You may want to take notes or record your session. Everything with the tarot is symbolic so please do not be concerned about the Death or Devil card. 

One of my favorite quotes.

"What we see in the symbology of  the Tarot derives in large measure from our own intuition and, once revealed, reflects back upon each of us to further enrich our lives." ~ Stuart Kaplan~ The Encyclopedia of Tarot.

My process when I'm reading for you.

"It's difficult to explain how it feels to read for you. I start out talking; I don't even know what I'm going to say. I don't even know my way to the end of the sentence. I don't feel like I know anything. Then suddenly I do know. I have to walk blind and then I walk smack into the truth."

Advice for aspiring tarot readers.

Learn this craft then do one hundred readings. Let me know what you've learned after reading 100. In other words, don't give up. Some of your readings will be great, some of them no so great and some of them you will never get feedback on and you'll never know. Determination is a major key. If you are local please sign up for my classes at Columbia Greene Community College in Hudson, New York. All skill levels welcome. 518-828-4181. See you in class!

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